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Team MBT



Dragons Abreast Brisbane (affectionately known as Team Missabittatitti or MBT) is a special group of breast cancer survivors and supporters.

Our club has a proud history as a dragon boat club of offering a supportive and understanding environment to breast cancer survivors since 2000.

We were founded on the principle of inclusiveness and work hard to maintain strong ties with other local dragon boat racing clubs.

Read more about Dragon Abreast Brisbane’s history.

Enjoying Life After Breast Cancer

A diagnosis of breast cancer can be a shocking, life-altering experience.

However, there is no reason a breast cancer survivor cannot lead a full and active life after breast cancer treatment.

Studies show the many benefits of dragon boat paddling after a breast cancer diagnosis:

  • Gain more energy
  • Feel stronger
  • Regain strength after breast cancer treatment
  • Fight cancer-related fatigue
  • Improve Lymphoedema symptoms
  • Boost self-esteem

MBT welcomes both men and women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, their family, friends and others keen to spread the message of breast cancer awareness through participation in a fun group water sport.


Options For Paddlers

Dragons Abreast Brisbane offers two different levels of paddling for breast cancer survivors.

Social Paddling For Breast Cancer Survivors

Participating socially in dragon boating paddling is a wonderful way to meet other like-minded people and make friends while improving your general health and wellbeing.

Social paddling occurs in a relaxed and friendly environment. All social paddlers enjoy coaching and are expected to adhere to strict water safety protocol.

The collaborative nature of a team sport like dragon boat paddling is a great way to prevent social isolation and depression that often occurs after breast cancer treatment.

What should a social paddler expect while dragon boat paddling?

  • Support from MBT’s coaching staff
  • Help to achieve your personal fitness goals
  • Motivating tips to improve paddling technique
  • Participating in fun training drills and activities (you can stop when you need!)


Sports Paddling With MBT

There has been a huge growth in the international recognition of the breast cancer category of dragon boat racing. Not only are there exclusive events for breast cancer survivor participatory events, but breast cancer survivor crews are now welcome to qualify to race at peak level world-class dragon boating events, including Club Crew World Championships and other international regattas.

MBT is working to build a crew of top-level paddlers to compete at the highest level.

We are motivated, like many other breast cancer survivor crews, to show the world that a diagnosis of breast cancer does not limit your ability to perform at the highest level.

Our proactive and committed coaching staff encourage and support sports paddlers who want to challenge themselves in this physically demanding sport.

You can expect to work with a professional team who wants you to achieve your fitness and sporting goals 

  • Extra training sessions
  • Gym and fitness programs
  • Skill development workshops
  • Reviewing skills and techniques

Find out more about joining our breast cancer survivor dragon boat team, Team Missabittatiti.