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Spirit of the Dragon

The Spirit of the Dragon Award

The Spirit of the Dragon Award is presented annually to a member who represents the true essence of Dragons Abreast.  This person provides a positive outlook to the breast cancer statistics whilst spreading the message of breast cancer awareness through the wonderful sport of dragon boating.

It is awarded to a person who understands and supports the ethos of Dragons Abreast Australia and is committed to ensuring we protect and nurture the organisation that provides a means of ensuring that all those diagnosed with breast cancer will have the same opportunities as we have done.
At a club level, the recipient of The Spirit of the Dragon Award is a paddler who:
  • welcomes and is supportive of all members of MBT, both old and new
  • participates in the sport of dragon boating in the true spirit of the dragon - with a fair & unbiased heart
  • attends and supports fundraising activities, working bees and social events
  • has a good attendance at training sessions and regattas


Spirit of the Dragon Award Recipients

2007    Dianne Clohessy

2008    Emillia McDonald

2009    Edith Cooper

2010     Corina Bradley

2011      Rosalie Thomas

2012     Janelle Pritchard

2013     Jo Parry

2014     Sue Garwood

2015     Linda McGann

2016     Wilhelmia Kranenburg

2017     Sharon Hammond

2018    Meredith Sanders-Feeney

2019    Helen Underwood

2020    Sue Von Richter

2021     Joy Geaney

2022    Carmel Lys



The Dragon Spirit

Play the Game for the Game’s sake;
Be modest in victory and gracious in defeat.
The most important thing in dragon boating is not to win but to take part;
Just as in life; it is not the triumph, but the struggle.
Be true to your fellow paddler.
Paddle not for yourself but for your team.
Work hard. Be strong.
Expect no reward and reward will come.

The Paddler's Oath 

On behalf of all paddlers,
I promise to take part in this regatta,
showing mutual respect
and abiding by the rules that govern,
with the Dragon Spirit in heart and mind,
for the glory of Dragon Boat and
the honour of all teams.