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Merchandise Care Instructions

Take care of your MBT merchandise.


Many of the Dragons Abreast Brisbane products contain vibrant prints and colours.

While they are made to last, bright colours may fade over time, particularly when worn on a dragon boat on the water.

Ensure the longevity of your MBT merchandise by following the care instructions on the label.


When it comes to washing follow these tips for long-lasting bright racewear:

  • Wash your bright sports shirt in cold water with similar colours
  • Turn black items inside out before washing
  • Hang in dry in the shade immediately.
  • Hang clothes inside out to dry to avoid extra fading
  • Do not tumble dry or dry clean


Sunscreen staining

Those sunscreen stains? The culprit is probably an ingredient Avobenzone

Check out these handy hints for removing stains left by sunscreen on your paddling clothes.