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About Us

About Us



Awareness, Participation, Inclusiveness



Encourage wellness, fitness, fun and camaraderie for breast cancer survivors through the sport of dragon boating and promote breast cancer awareness throughout our community.



Dragons Abreast is a leader in the movement for people affected by breast cancer; spreading awareness, empowering individuals and educating on the benefits of an active lifestyle after diagnosis.

What are we?

Dragons Abreast Australia is a national organisation comprised of breast cancer survivors (and some very special supporters) of various ages from a great variety of backgrounds, athletic abilities and interests. Dragons Abreast members provide a “face” for the breast cancer statistics whilst spreading the message of breast cancer awareness through participation in the wonderful and strenuous sport of dragon boat racing. Dragons Abreast commenced in Australia in 1998, following in the footsteps of a study by Dr Don McKenzie and a group of breast cancer survivors in Vancouver, Canada.  Read more about the origins –  Where it all began – and how the movement started in Australia.

What is dragonboat racing?

Dragonboat racing is an aquatic sport in which a 12-metre long canoe-like boat, wide enough to seat 20 people (2 abreast) along with a sweep to steer the boat and a drummer. A festival race is typically a sprint event of several hundred metres, with 500 metres the most common, 200, 1000 & 2000 metre races are also standard distances. During races, a dragon boat will feature the head and tail of a dragon, a mythological creature regarded by the Chinese as having dominion over the waters and exercising control over rainfall.


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