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Resources, Policies & Documents


As a not-for-profit association Dragons Abreast Brisbane ensures it operates in compliance with Queensland’s laws. We have an active Committee who meets regularly to ensure all safety and financial obligations of the club are met. Our Club's Constitution has been drafted to comply with the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (Qld) and the Associations Incorporation Regulation 1999 (Qld).

Our Model Rules (Constitution) can viewed here - Rules of Dragons Abreast Brisbane Inc - 13 July 2019

For more information about the day to day operations of our dragon boat club, please contact us. You can also read more about our obligations as a non-profit organisation here.

Where does Dragons Abreast Brisbane sit in the world of dragon boating.

We are among many dragon boat teams for breast cancer survivors across the country and the globe.  The following link describes the various levels/organisations associated with dragon boating, and shows where we sit. Click on this link - MBT in the world of dragon boating

Membership Protection Policy

Dragon's Abreast Brisbane has adopted the Australian Dragon Boat Federation Membership Protection Policy. You can view that policy here.

Medical Certificate

For those going to New Zealand, we are required to have our GP confirm breast cancer diagnosis, and fitness to paddle.

Please click here for the form.

Code of Conduct

Team Missabittatitti sets the standard on and off the water for encouraging women and men to lead an active and full life after a breast cancer diagnosis. We are a unique paddling group. Our club’s members range in age from their early 40s to mid 80s, and we offer social paddling and also coaching for those who want to improve as sports paddlers. Because of our diversity, extra care must be taken to ensure all members have a safe and enjoyable experience on and off the water. It is every paddler’s responsibility to be aware of, and comply with at all times with, our Code of Conduct.  MBT Code of Conduct

Safety On The Water

Team Missabittatitti is a unique dragon boat club of breast cancer survivors. As well as social paddling our coaches provide instruction for those who want to improve as sports paddlers. Because of our diversity, extra care must be taken to ensure all MBT members have a safe and enjoyable experience on and off the water. The safety and welfare of all MBT members will always be our Coaches and Sweeps first priority. Our Coaches and Sweeps must ensure our members are safe and fit to enjoy their time on the water. However, every single DAB member is responsible for their own personal health and safety.

  • You can help contribute to our safety on the water.
  • Declare if you are a non-swimmer or weak swimmer
  • Always follow directions of the Coach and/or Sweep
  • Work as a team; Don’t argue with the Coach and/or Sweep
  • Advise the Coach and/or Sweep if you feel unwell or any physical discomfort
    Follow all safety instructions given by the Coach and/or Sweep
  • Wear a Life jacket (Personal Flotation Device) when instructed to do so by your Coach and/or Sweep