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Breakfast In The Park


As well as being competitive on the water, MBT paddlers share friendships and develop lasting connections.

Our dragon boat racing team prides itself on offering support and fellowship to team members, and our monthly activity of Breakfast in the Park, or BIP as it is affectionately known, is a chance for the entire crew to come together and build a mutual support system.

BIP is a long-held MBT tradition. For many within the club, it just is. A chance to get together and chat, showcase your skills in the kitchen, or abilities in artfully displaying this week’s bakery special at your local supermarket, and hear the latest club news.

There may be a raffle, the chance to dress up for a special occasion - and if you are lucky a birthday to celebrate.

It is when members of MBT can get up-to-date with club news and events in a relaxed setting.

This monthly event is also a unique opportunity for new members to mingle with established paddlers off the water.

But where did the tradition come from?

The story of our first brekky in the park?

Well, that be a tale best told by one of MBT's historians ....

Way back in the mists of time there were three paddlers whose birthdays all fell at the end of May. 

Their names were Sue Lane, Carol Arnold and Leigh Muldoon. 

Sue was having a very special birthday that year and wanted to provide a celebratory cake to share with her sister paddlers. 

However the evil cafe proprietor said, “NO!”, “you have to buy your cake here, or we will charge you much gold for cakeage!”. 

Sad at having their plans foiled, the ladies thought about what to do.

“Ahaa!.” they thought. Perhaps we can all go to the park, bring our breakfast with us and share some food, birthday cake and champagne (pink of course).

And thus, with the pop of a champagne cork, a new tradition was born. 

BIP has grown to be so much more for MBT. Over time, it has grown to allow everyone to mingle freely, the committee to provide information to team members and given a valuable option for those paddlers who were unable to visit a cafe after paddling each Saturday.